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Chiropractor Sarasota FL Marcos Perivolaris Meet The Team


Marcos Perivolaris D.C.

Dr. Marcos was born and raised in Mattituck New York before he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the world-famous Palmer College of Chiropractic. Shortly after graduation, he co-founded the Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic of Sarasota with Dr. Brittani.

Prior to attending Palmer College, he attended SUNY Cortland where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology while being a four-year member of the highly successful baseball team. Dr. Marcos had a very successful baseball career before he attended Palmer, playing in the College World Series as a Freshmen when they finished 3rd in the country, winning two regional championships, winning a state championship in high school, and was a part of the second longest active streak in of all the NCAA (27). Dr. Marcos has learned from his great coaches Joe Brown (Cortland), Steve DeCaro (Mattituck), and John Tardif (Mattituck) what it takes to be successful, and has applied it within the Chiropractic field. In his first few days on the Palmer Florida campus, Dr. Marcos set out to find another incredible mentor, teacher, and family member like those above, to lead him to be the best he can be within this profession, as he did previously with baseball. It didn’t take him long to see who the smartest man in the room was, and that was Dr. Scott Meisel. Dr. Meisel has been Dr. Marcos’ mentor since he met him, giving Dr. Marcos the guidance, leadership, accountability, and effort displayed by his mentors in baseball. During Dr. Marcos’ time at Palmer, he quickly realized how the Gonstead System of chiropractic was truly the Gold Standard of chiropractic care. Dr. Marcos fell in love with the meticulous devotion to locating the root cause of any expression (symptom) the body produces. Dr. Marcos was so greatly inspired by how the Gonstead System not only had an incredibly logical reason for everything that is done, but it delivered results that are second to none encompassing every bit of the science, art, and philosophy behind the incredible chiropractic profession. Dr. Marcos was first an officer of the school Gonstead club and later President of the club, finding a strong passion not only in Gonstead chiropractic but getting the message out to as many as possible of how incredible it is, so they can experience and give the gold standard Gonstead Difference. Dr. Marcos is dedicated to continuing his education constantly, as he sets up online seminars for other students and doctors, takes frequent trips to the midwest to attend every Gonstead chiropractic seminar possible, and constantly be trained and surrounded by the best Gonstead doctors within our profession. Dr. Marcos is beyond thankful for every mentor he has had from his parents to baseball, to chiropractic, as they have deeply ingrained in him the drive to be the best he can be, so he can serve his patients the best quality of care, which every patient deserves. Dr. Marcos can’t wait to be an advocate for his patients, Gonstead Chiropractic, and chiropractic students, as he strives to educate the world on the TRUE meaning of health, and how powerful our bodies are.

Chiropractor Sarasota FL Brittani Perivolaris Meet The Team


Brittani Perivolaris D.C.

Dr. Brittani was born and raised in Culpeper Virginia before she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the world-famous Palmer College of Chiropractic. Shortly after graduation, she co-founded the Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic of Sarasota with Dr. Marcos.

Prior to attending Palmer College, she attended Lynchburg College where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic training while being a member of their collegiate softball team. Dr. Brittani during her time playing softball in high school and college, she obtained 3 torn ACLs, 1 torn meniscus, and 1 dislocated kneecap, all within the same knee. These 5 injuries and 5 knee surgeries closed the door for her athletic career but opened the door to her new passion of trying to prevent all walks of life from experiencing the heartbreak she endured by not being able to do what she loved. From this day forward, Dr. Brittani decided she would be the change in the world that she wished she had when she had to hang her cleats up. During her time after softball and still at Lynchburg College, she began to realize there had to be more than helping people after the damage is done. This is when Dr. Brittani fell in love with chiropractic and decided to attend the Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida campus. When attending Palmer, she decided to see how Chiropractic could help her recover from her 5th knee surgery. At this moment in just her first few weeks in school, she realized there were different techniques and applications within the chiropractic profession, and IT MATTERED which one you received. Dr. Brittani at this time was also suffering from chronic constipation, having to get routine colonoscopies, and would require monthly enemas. After being told by many different surgeons, chiropractors, and physical therapists that she would most likely need a knee replacement at age 30, would need to get enemas her entire life, and was put on constipation medication, she was introduced to the Gonstead System by her mentor Dr. Scott Meisel. After many failed applications for her knee and constipation from many different types of doctors, she decided it was time to try the Gonstead System and let Dr. Marcos treat her. Ever since she began to strictly get adjusted using the Gonstead system, she no longer has any knee discomfort, no longer suffers from constipation, and is no longer on any medications. During her time at Palmer College, she and Dr. Marcos were blessed to bring their son Michael into this world 4 months before graduation. Throughout her pregnancy, birth, and post-birth, she was able to see firsthand the impacts chiropractic has not only on the pregnant mom during pregnancy but also during labor and after pregnancy as well. Dr. Brittani also was able to see how chiropractic directly has helped her and Dr. Marcos’ son thrive from development within Dr. Brittani, to being in this world this very day. After her entire experience of watching the Gonstead System create miracles for so many in this world, including herself, she couldn’t imagine not delivering this quality of care to every practice member and their families. Dr. Brittani is excited to give the same life-changing experiences she has had by removing vertebral subluxations to have the healthiest functioning nervous system possible.


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